Herreshoff "Flutterby" Suicide class so named for it's large sail area
I did repair work on this boat pictured. To my knowledge there were only 3 boats
ever built. This is a dream project for me.

Help Me Rescue Flutterby

I would like to restore Flutterby to her original condition. I worked on her and
sailed her in the early 80ís. Now after thirty years I was contacted by the
museum that is now storing her. I am looking for financial contributions to
help restore Flutterby. These are the latest photo's of her. She has been in
storage for the last 10 years.

I can be reached at contact@acabinetmaker.com for more information.

Design #48 Plan

This is Herreshoff's sail plan for Flutterby labled #48 .

Roller, Down Haul

Left Humphrey "Sandy" Lee,
Right Bruce Hogan

Spreaders (added after construction).

Center board

Gooseneck fitting

Center board trunk

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