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Shop Talk on Woodworking

Working in the shop

Small Closet Make over

Writing desk

Modern TV Cabinetry

42" Cherry Table

Lacquer Kitchen

Sapelli stair Rail

Arched screen door

White Lacquer Window Seat

"Wright Style" Oak Table

6' round pedestal Table

Wrought Iron Table

Small Cherry Tables

Oak Bench Beading Nook

Bakery Cabinetry

Bakery Side Board

Dark Stained Cherry Bookcases

Rolling Screen Covers

Cherry Side Table

Cherry Stained Maple Coffee Table

Teak Shoji Doors

Mahogany TV pop-up Cabinet

Cherry Bedside Talbes

Mitering Moulding for a
Cherry Fireplace

Flutterby in Seattle

Deck Panels

Dark Stained Cherry Fireplace

Pineapple Dining Table

Curly Maple Bookcase

Mahogany Bookcase

Purple Heart Altar

Radiator Covers

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