A Cherry Book Table

side table
I've been thinking of a table like this for a long time, so it was perfect when my girlfriend's sister requisitioned one. We changed the height to 20" and we were off.

First blanking out the basic leg shape.

2013-05-03 14.50.35 2013-05-02 11.42.28
Then band saw out rough shape and using a flush cutting router bit shaping the legs.

2013-05-04 14.25.00
This is after detailing the legs with a beaded router bit. and a little carving.

2013-05-05 14.16.12
Oops here we have already made the rounded skirt and cut it into the octagonal shape and glued them to the legs.

2013-05-06 09.56.32 2013-05-06 11.07.29 2013-05-06 17.18.07
The table top, cutting and taping the veneer, vacuum clamping and after the Maple accent inlay.

2013-05-06 17.17.52 2013-05-08 08.24.41 2013-05-08 08.25.00
Here the table is assembled with the preliminary stain. We completed the finish with a mocha glaze and a satin varnish.